Network Marketing Advertising – Successfully Advertising Your Opportunity by Not Doing it

How Can Network Marketing Advertising Help You Build a Huge Business?

Is that not the question so many of us in the MLM industry want to have answered? While so many small business owners seem to be making a killing on the internet, network marketers can’t seem to figure out how to advertise their opportunity.

Besides that, many network marketing companies forbid distributors from advertising anyway. What are we to do?

In the first place… it isn’t true that most small business owners are making a fortune from their web advertising. Just like network marketers – most business owners don’t really know how to approach online advertising. The reason is they don’t understand why people use the internet.

It is true that those in the network marketing industry have the added disadvantage of being restricted in how they can advertise their opportunity and products. But if approached properly, this really isn’t a disadvantage at all.

How do I know that? Ask yourself this question…

What If You Could Advertise Your Products and Opportunity All Over The Internet?

What if your network marketing advertising could be all about your products and opportunity? Would it really help?

I mean… What if you could advertise your products without restriction? What if you could…

  • Put pictures on the internet…
  • Create your own website linking to company sites…
  • Tell the world that you had the greatest opportunity on the planet.

Would it make you a success?

You are already free to walk up to strangers in the mall and talk about your opportunity all you want. You can give them samples. You can tell everyone that yours is the greatest network marketing opportunity ever devised by human creativity.

So what?

Even when someone can look you in the eye and hear you tell them that you have exactly what they need – they don’t believe you. Do you think they would believe you any more if they read it on a website? Would you believe someone else who did that?

No… You wouldn’t.

So here’s the thing… Get this.

Successful network marketing advertising really has nothing to do with being able to talk about your products or opportunity.

Did you get that?

If you want to be successful at online marketing you do not need to talk about your products or business plan. In fact that is precisely what you DO NOT want to talk about.


Because business opportunities are easy to come by. Products that are the latest and greatest are a dime a dozen. Everybody has the best products… The best opportunity… And the best up-line.

And most importantly… prospects are not interested in them. You are. You are the one who is interested in your opportunity. They are interested in something else.

Your potential prospects are asking different questions. So if you want to be successful…

Your Network Marketing Advertising Must Answer the Questions Prospects Are Asking

Here is an advertising principle that you need to get a hold of. It is deceptively simple. Don’t miss it just because it is simple. Ready? Here it is.

Find out what questions people are asking… and answer them.

I told you it was simple. But its application will take some work.

The questions prospects are asking are not… “How do I succeed at my up-line’s network marketing opportunity?” or “How do I find a great network marketing opportunity?” Some are. But most are asking other questions like…

“How can I be successful at business?” or “How can I solve my financial problems?”

What questions are your prospects asking? What problems are they trying to solve? What solutions are they looking for?

If your answer to all their questions is… “My opportunity” or “My products”… then you are not going to be believed. They will know you are just trying to sell them a simple solution that will benefit you.

Root out the questions your ideal prospect or ideal customer is asking. Find out what her real concerns are. And answer those questions. Provide real value in your advertising. Address your prospect’s fundamental desires and show her…

How being associated with you will help her solve her problems.

You see – your network marketing advertising has nothing to do with your opportunity or products. It has everything to do with you. It has to do with how well you can help your prospects get what they really want.

This approach to advertising – attraction marketing – puts you on the opposite side of the equation. It demonstrates that you are worthy of your prospect’s attention. That you are a helpful guide who is willing to focus on the needs of others.

Let your advertising focus on solving other people’s problems. That is want your prospects really want.

Benefits and Challenges of a Career in Direct Marketing

Internet or Direct marketing may be a new term in our dictionaries however it is not a new concept. Direct or Internet marketing is ‘the’ way to send a message to the customer directly through various channels that eliminate the middle men or indirect means to interact with the customer. This has been done since marketing began albeit in undefined ways and now with the advances in technology, Direct/Internet marketing has become the most preferred way to reach the customer directly to promote a product, a service, a company… a message.

Direct marketing is a preferred way of knowing how the intended product PR message is faring with the masses because the responses can be quite immediate. That is why with the increasing competitiveness in businesses and the need to reach out to the customers in a more effective manner, a career in direct or Internet marketing is a very rewarding. Everything depends on marketing and whether a product will sell or not and whether the masses will pay heed to a social awareness message or not, depends mainly on how well it has been marketed.

With the way the world is growing closer… not smaller… closer due to the internet and the ease of being able to find any sort of information online or through other channels like the mobile phone, emails on the internet, advertisements, and many more; sending a message to them directly is not a challenge. What could be better than actually communicating with your customers? The only challenge is that with many direct marketing strategies being used, people thinking of a career in direct marketing may have to resort to their creativity quite often and having that is definitely a plus.

Many people think that direct marketing is not an honest field to have a job in and that is mainly because many big and small companies and even individuals have misused the power of interacting with customers directly and flooded them with constant interactions. This has left a bad taste in customers’ mouths and most of them don’t like being contacted anymore. This makes the job quite difficult… but not impossible.

The thought that a career in direct marketing is not a good idea is right and wrong, based on where you’re looking at it from. If you plan to succumb to the unethical ways for short term but immediate profit by flooding the customers with constant messages and emails, then direct marketing may not be for you however, if you are creative and have a knack of creating relevant and quality communication, then direct or Internet marketing may just be the thing for you because that is what it is all about; effective communication.

With the amount of knowledge we can share today and the level of understanding we have towards various cultures, various age groups, and their demands, direct marketing is the best way to promote a product or a company and used effectively, this can be a very strong tool that may be difficult for the competition to beat.

If a person is interested in pursuing a career in direct or Internet marketing they need to find schools to make sure they learn the right tricks of the trade and understand the basics of this amazing phenomenon. Communication and a basic understanding of how the human mind gets motivated are the two very important tools for a direct marketer however a few other things that will be good to know are:

  • Mass media
  • Behavior change therapy
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Marketing and communications

There are many more courses out there… you just need to find them and make the best of them to be a successful marketing person.

The Basics and Tips of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is an approach to product marketing communications that doesn’t employ contemporary marketing channels. This ultimately means that deals are done directly between the manufacturers and customers without involving channel intermediaries such as distributors, retailers and wholesalers. It is a strategy commonly employed by electronic manufacturers and banks in dealing with their clients directly. Brands that employ distribution channels target marketing communications towards distributors, retailers and consumers, while directly market brands communicate directly with clients. Direct marketing may employ tools such as direct mail, mobile telemarketing services, and voicemail marketing among others.

Marketing directly has been found to be the most cost effective avenue and form of marketing. By the use of direct mail, telemarketing services, email marketing and leaflets drops, the system allows you to focus on customers with utmost accuracy unlike the majority of marketing techniques. It is distinguished in a number of ways. Firstly, direct mails are sent to clients. This comes in an array of ways including email addresses, web browser cookies and mobile messaging. Secondly, marketing directly aspires to drive a precise call to action. In this case advertisements may give free call lines to clients for information. Careful preparation prior to the approach is however necessary to achieve utmost investment, achieve adequate response rates and to avoid contacting individuals who don’t desire receiving a direct mail in direct marketing.

The process of marketing the things directly presents with an array of different approaches. They comprise of traditional methods like telemarketing services, mail shots and modern approaches that include mailing lists, mobile messaging and social media. The most appropriate of these approaches will ultimately depend on the customers targeted, the information to be passed across and the response you wish to generate.

For most companies direct mail has proved to be affordable, manageable and therefore mostly employed. These are companies that lack effective and adequate expertise and capital to utilize electronic direct marketing approaches. Direct mails are cost effective and are likely to generate more client responses unlike majority of direct marketing approaches. Direct mail focuses information directly into the hands of the customers that require it. It is therefore very effective once well planned and coupled with high quality mailing list.

It allows you to aim at a specific group of clients especially with the use of direct marketing leads. The use of these leads ensures that you focus your time and energy on the endeavors that matter to your business. They enable you to communicate adequately with clients, increase your sales and to grow your business. Leads in addition allow you to focus the right amount of resources where they are likely to produce results, gauge the success of advertisements and other campaigns, and most importantly to test your marketing. Direct marketing leads hence increases the sales of your business to existing clients, builds client loyalty, reestablishes failed customer associations and generates new business ideas.

Marketing is not always a cheap task, but with direct marketing leads where you focus your campaigns on the precise businesses and people owning them, it will definitely pay off. Once you get your leads, make sure that you reach the right customers. You may get your leads from Bressers who will in addition help you reach prospective customers.

Powerful PR Lessons from Successful Direct Marketing Techniques

Direct marketing–including catalogs and Internet sales–is a $1.85 trillion industry in the U.S. that accounts for 7 percent of total U.S. sales, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Direct marketers make their money by understanding exactly what customers want and giving it to them. Here are five key public relations lessons to learn from direct marketing:

Target your message

Successful direct marketing is targeted. It gets the right offer in the right format to the right people who have an interest in or a need for a manufacturer’s product. Direct marketers spend millions of dollars creating and refining mailing lists and subscriber profiles to find just the right consumers to buy their product.

Direct marketers don’t try to be everything to everybody. They use their budget wisely to reach only the people who are their best prospects and reach them frequently enough to encourage new sales and spur repeat sales.

How targeted is your message?

Do you write your brochures, advertisements and radio commercials with your typical customer in mind? Is your message telling them how they can solve their problems, achieve their dreams, or meet their needs? Direct marketers know that customer benefits outsell product features. Targeting your message to your most likely buyers will make the best use of your budget and yield the most sales.

Test your message

Direct marketers base their ad copy, list purchase, media buys and graphic design on research and industry information. Testing is a basic part of successful direct marketing. Direct marketers will take two versions of an ad–one with slightly different copy from the other–or two different lists, or two different regional versions of the same magazine–and run their campaign tests. All the research in the world can’t substitute for testing. Research gives you a theoretical answer. Testing validates your theories in the real world.

Many business owners give up on marketing if their first ads don’t send customers flooding into their stores. Or they abandon advertising in a magazine if one ad doesn’t make the phone ring. Direct marketers know that it is often the message–not the medium–that needs to be adjusted to speak more persuasively to the customer. Don’t be too hasty to give up on a whole type of advertising because one effort did not bring a crowd. Change your ad, re-write your mailing piece, adjust your list and try again. When the right message reaches a receptive potential customer, sales happen.

Change your definition of success

Direct marketers are patient. They understand that testing is essential to capture sales. But they also have a realistic idea of success. Depending on the size of the campaign, the type of product and the break-even cost, some direct marketers consider a response of 1 – 5 percent to be very successful. They know that large percentages aren’t realistic.

A campaign’s success also depends on its purpose. Some offers are made just to generate leads in order to build a better mailing list for the next offer. Those campaigns are focused on screening out non-buyers, not necessarily on selling product. Getting 1,000 names of people who are interested out of a mailing of 10,000 people on a list might be very successful under those conditions.

Make sure you have defined success in a way that is realistic and based on solid criteria.

Tailor your offer

Direct marketers know that the magic is in the way the product is offered. Are you selling closet shelving–or an organization system? Is your product an air cleaner–or a way to reduce indoor air pollution?

Even the way the price is stated makes a difference. If you’re having a sale, is the price half off, fifty-percent reduced or two for one? Direct marketers know that different ways to say the same thing get different responses. Make sure that your offers are tailored to what encourages your customers to take action.

Know your customer

The most important lesson is to understand your customer. Find out what the customer is really purchasing when he buys your product. Direct marketing success happens when in-depth customer knowledge is used to tailor an offer, create a targeted, customer-oriented message that is tweaked and perfected through testing, and that produces profitable results.

Even if your business doesn’t currently use direct marketing, you can apply its wisdom to your public relations process to increase your business success.