Market Mood Swings And How To Benefit From Them

You must have heard many news like – market dropped due to some political upheaval in the middle east or the market soared due to some referendum in Europe. In the age of globalisation, all the markets and businesses across the world are intertwined, hence any geopolitical event has the potential to move the global markets.

But where does that leave the investors? What should be their ideal approach to counter such uncertain situations? The good news is – whether markets fall or rise, it’s an opportunity for the investors. Here’s how.

Investors In The Market Cycle

The reason we say that whether market falls or rises, it’s always an opportunity for the investor is because if the market falls, all the stocks on your watch-list, most likely, will be in the buying range. And when the market rises, it’s a perfect point for you to sell the stocks which have reached their target price.

The key point is – if you have a long-term perspective in stock investment, it will be your armour against all the uncertainties of the stock market.

Let’s take a look at the market phases which comprises the market cycle.

The Bear Market

The bear market is a market condition where the prices of the securities fall considerably and the market goes through a significant downturn. In such situations there is widespread pessimism about stock prices and a lot of panic selling takes place which further escalates the downturn.

Though it’s a nature of the market to swing up and down, intraday traders and short-term investors, who deal in huge quantities, have no other option but to sell their holdings to minimise their losses.

However, long-term investors have an advantage in this phase, as they can choose to hold their stocks while they also have an alternative to average their existing stocks and buy new stocks. Always remember, the bear market is a perfect opportunity to enter the market and build a robust portfolio.

Market Accumulation Phase (Consolidation)

This phase takes place after the markets have hit the bottom and some value investors think that the market situations is good to buy as the worst is over. Valuations of stocks are very attractive in this phase while the market sentiment is still bearish. Which makes it an ideal time to enter the market. In the accumulation phase, prices are flat, as the disillusioned sellers start selling while the wise investors pick it up at a healthy discount. Owing to such turn of events, market starts to pick up.

To get through such phases, investors should just be patient and hold their stocks. Giving in to your impulse of selling stocks due to continuous consolidation will only bring you losses. It’s just a phase which passes sooner or later.

The Bull Market

The bull market simply means that the market is on its upward drift. The market index goes high and all the major stocks start soaring. This is the phase investors invest for. One thing investors should ensure while going through this phase is that it’s not a buying period, it’s the time to review your portfolio and sell stocks which have reached their target price. In a way, all the investment, and calculated risks you take while the market was down pays off when you reach this phase. If you make the right choices, you will be handsomely rewarded.

An Effective Internet Marketing Advertisement

Have you decided to buy online advertising and need to know what is an effective and affordable internet marketing advertisement? Let’s look at the options.

As I’m sure you already know the internet marketing niche is very competitive and that means that many of the paid advertising methods available are expensive. It is important, therefore, to consider the options available.


The best known version of pay per click advertising are those little four line ads that you will find to the right on most Google search results page. The advertiser pays Google each time someone clicks on their ad. I have been an internet marketer long enough to remember when those clicks could cost only a few cents. Sadly those days are long gone.

Not only are the clicks now far more expensive but Google is very particular when it comes to judging the ad and the website it points to. I and most others in the I.M. niche no longer regard Google’s pay per click service as a viable option.

Pay per click however should not be dismissed as a type of internet marketing advertising and while this is not the place to suggest specific companies that offer alternative PPC services that are less expensive I would suggest you check out the leading internet marketing forums and carry out searches along the lines of ‘PPC networks’.

Social networks

Facebook is obviously the three hundred pound gorilla of the social network world. I find their approach to advertising refreshing. You have multiple options when it comes to deciding who, precisely, you wish to see your ads. Facebook uses the information it collects from it’s subscribers to great effect.

You may whittle down your target market by age, gender, location, language,interests and relationship status. I’m sure you will appreciate how powerful this could be. You dictate your maximum daily spend and so have a tight control over your budget. The cost is still reasonable and you have the ability to scale up any successful campaign.

Advertising on websites

This is a simple and potentially very effective way to place an internet marketing advertisement. You begin by finding a website that is either in the internet marketing niche or something akin to it. For example a website targeting people who want to work from home would be perhaps somewhere to advertise your internet marketing product.

One of the best features of this form of marketing is that prices are usually highly negotiable. Begin with an ad that only runs for a week with the promise to the site owner that if it is successful you will be interested, for the right price, in advertising for a three month period.

Advertising offline

This is a highly neglected form of advertising, rarely used by internet marketers. Classified ads in local or even national newspapers and magazines can reach huge audiences for a fairly modest outlay. Learning how to write effective classified ads is a skill well worth acquiring.

There are more ways of placing your internet marketing advertisement but successfully employing the above methods alone could drive substantial numbers of potential customers to your website or blog.

See you in cyberspace.

Lawrence Stainbank

Is Your Business A Potential Target For The Next Digital DISRUPTION?

What does Digital DISRUPTION mean for your business? If it’s the destiny of every business what can we do to prepare for it? Let’s dive in and find out!

Drive for digital has already happened!

According to a forecast by Accenture, in just 5 years, Australia’s digital economy is going to experience a 26.1% growth from 2015 to 2020.

Business around the globe are spending $174 billion on cloud technologies alone. Many organisations now have chief digital officers or have developed separate units that are responsible for driving digital strategy.

While the stats look promising, many business are still struggling with their organisational structures to facilitate the change towards digital transformation and to face the digital disruption challenges head on!

Innovation is transforming every business!

The phenomenon of digital disruption is not a new one! Nonetheless the opportunities and risks it presents change over time and those who make the first move, history remembers them as innovators!

Ever wondered how iPod replaced CDs, how Amazon defeated Barns and Nobles, why didn’t Marriot think of AirBnb, why cab drivers couldn’t come up with a brilliant idea that Uber did and how Netflix became the number one choice of Blockbuster’s long-time customers!

Businesses that are bold enough to innovate, serve as the poison pill for those that are still following the rules of the last century!

Speed of change remains critical!

When I say only the agile survive, it means that not do businesses need to innovate and change their business models, they need to do it at the speed of digital disruption, in order to survive!

From the rise of digital, to beginning of internet era, to social media and now mobile, technology, every couple of years, digital seems to be disrupting every aspect of our lives and that too at an unprecedented pace.

Instead of embracing and expanding the new digital wave, Kodak, Polaroid and many others spent their time and energies on defending the status quo. By the time, they realised digital photography is here to stay, it was already too late!

Rethinking value creation

One thing that’s common among all these innovators (Netflix, Uber, AirBnB and many others) is their ability to pin point a gap in existing products and services and filling it by rethinking a solution that creates greater value for the users! Most importantly the core of their investment is focused on the customer and supplier value proposition not product or services they serve!

Do you really think Marriot knows what a hotel industry is all about? Without having to own property, hire and train housekeeping staff or be on call 24/7, AirBnB was able to run a simpler and more efficient business model that was profitable to all parties (i.e. customers and suppliers) involved!

AirBnB’s impact on the hotel industry is yet another example! “Digital disrupters know how to rethink value creation and create a new market space that did not exist before!

Businesses can deliver value to customers using the five steps in the interaction curve: Buying, using, transferring, co-creating and integrating products and services! Business that are able to offer greater value in terms of novelty or efficiency on any of these customer touch points.

Understanding the magnitude of change

The magnitude of disruption can often potentially wipe out major businesses and sometimes entire industries.

Understanding the magnitude and the scale at which a new business model will affect your remains critical. Consider how YouTube’s “How to” videos is impacting formal education and how online booking for travel has almost eliminated the traditional role of travel agencies.

Personalisation of products, services and interactions

Today, consumers are actively approaching businesses they can interact with on a personal level. Digital Marketing analytics has made it possible for businesses to reach their customers with a personalised, relevant and targeted message, which they are more likely to welcome than cold calling or mass marketing methods. It’s the customers who dictate the business, not the other way around.

In the era of internet of things, wearable technology and social media, suitability, affordability and timeliness all play a vital role in delivering personalised service to the target market!

Timing is everything

Businesses that can anticipate the disruption before it happens, become leaders! Such businesses see themselves in a powerful position to launch themselves as pioneers in a field and sustain that image by continuing to innovate.

On the other hand, if the alternate solution does roughly the same or better job more quickly and at a cheaper cost, it will only be a matter of time that this new business model improves to a point that your solution will become irrelevant!

When Reed Hastings, founder of Netflix offered John Antioco, Blockbuster’s CEO to promote Netflix in its stores in return for Netflix running Blockbusters’ brand online, he got laughed out of the room. 10 years later Blockbuster went bankrupt and Netflix rose to a multi-billion dollar company.

Those who survive the wave of disruption, make a move before it’s too late to make any move at all.

Investment in digital infrastructure

Digital disrupters understand that technology alone cannot make all the difference. True disruption happens with the right integration of technology, people and processes with a change in the overall organisational structure and business model.

Whether it’s by hiring new talent, reinforcing new vision, or reallocating budget to new digital technologies and better customer interactions, business need to find a way to survive the wave of disruption quickly sweeping over the industry they serve.

Opportunities to survive digital disruption

Despite the eye-popping examples of digital disruptors vanquishing seasoned market players, According to Global Centre for Digital Business Transformation, 45% of company leaders believe that digital disruption is not a broad-level concern!

For those who do realise the threat it poses are in a better position to act on time. So what are the opportunities for those willing to survive digital disruption?

1. Disrupt the disruptor – Challenge the competition before it starts ( has become a threat to Amazon – the greatest disruptor of the 21st century)

2. Secure your position – “If you can’t be as good as them, buy them! (Facebook acquired WhatsApp) acquire

3. Absorb digital capabilities – Integrate online and offline customer interactions (AudiCity – Audi’s showrooms where you can custom design virtual car models on a digital screen)

4. Follow the footsteps – Learn the disruptors’ tricks and infuse a digital first mindset within your organisation.

Next wave of disruptive technologies

Digital Disruptors are always ready for the next wave of disruptive technologies that might hit their industry or affect their value chain. Preparing for a response towards potential threats and maximising the organisational capabilities to bring digital business innovation is what businesses need to do.

Even if you are a market leader today, to continue being so, businesses need to become their own disruptors!

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge your own silos and business processes, before someone else does!


Digital disruption is already happening and no one can escape it.

Applying high-level digital technologies to your business without understanding their potential impact, can be deadly. The need for businesses is to

  • Understand which companies are most prone to steal your share of the pie and how?
  • How can you disrupt your own business model to keep your competitors from narrowing the circle in the first place?
  • Can you use digital technologies to improve the customer experience throughout the value chain?
  • Do you have the right set of skills to compete in the age of connectivity, collaboration and rapidly evolving customer needs?

Digital disruption can be unpredictable and overwhelming, but those willing to take the risks are rewarded immensely!

The Best Tips To Create Cash Flow Through Network Marketing Advertising Without Breaking The Bank

If you are in any sort of profit making enterprise, you understand that advertising cost dollars. Network marketing advertising is no exception; marketing your organization may be the only solution to get your service and or opportunity out to the multitude so that you can turn a profit. Let’s face it, it takes money to make money, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little learning curve your marketing efforts will be a breeze.

Lots of network marketing experts fail to take hold of this idea since they nonetheless think the only method to develop your MLM business is by chasing friends and family and holding exhausting home meetings. Now this is an effective method; it has made my business the giant it is now. On the other hand, it is crucial to be receptive to other really productive techniques.

Advertising is an investment so you have to do your research and chose it wisely. Never be guilty of saying you quit because you ran out of money.

Engaging in network marketing advertising is among the top keys to good results, it may get a little confusing when you are applying it through internet tactics, particularly with the other millions of web sites, blogs and ads all competing against you and unless your item is entirely fresh and new, you’re going to really need to master the skill of business promotion.

Possess a financial plan

It’s essential to determine your position monetarily; evaluate how much is possible for you to afford on a month to month basis. Test and tweak your promotions to see if they operate and improve income and then you can increase your spending budget later on.

The majority of people which are new to network marketing a bit short in the funds department, which is why they chose an MLM in the 1st place; low entry fees. However, there are plenty of alternative approaches to publicize for free on the net, some are effective and some are just a waste of time. Make sure you play around with various tactics to find what is most effective for you.

Inside the realm of Network Marketing advertising you have to be careful how and where you place your advertisements. It may well lead to additional harm than good for your company so be cautious and consult upline on the matter.

The objective of marketing:

Discovering leads

Marketing your service or opportunity

Branding yourself

Closing sales



This is by far the cheapest and greatest free marketing you could possibly have. Let individuals know what you’ve got to offer, ask for referrals; for those who can make a buzz about your product it could be incredibly lucrative.

A good place to start is even though Social networking web sites. It will give you the capability to gain branding power and publicity for your business, but be advised that although this can be free of charge, there are distinct methods to accomplish this successfully.

Social Networking

Twitter together with other Social internet sites, has particular protocols you’ll need to adhere to; you cannot just hop in and start pushing your business op on them – nobody cares, so anticipate being ignored. Posting on Twitter just about every five minutes will also get you overlooked, and you’ll be view as jerk.

It is important to make relationships initially in an effort to construct a following. I mean think of it, you wouldn’t visit your friend’s wedding and start yapping about your great products during the reception; so not appropriate! The idea is to make relationships in any social media community.

By way of social networking, both offline and on the net, you’ll be able to uncover people that can give you referrals, and once again, this comes via social interaction, not pushy selling. Leads are valuable, and nobody is going to reach in his pocket if he doesn’t know you from Adam!

Direct contact campaigns

This is one of the more traditional approaches to reach your market, not super popular, but still functions properly if you are a neighborhood bricks and mortar service or enterprise and may still be utilized by network marketers as well. The one particular issue numerous company owners and Network Marketers don’t fully grasp, however, is List building; an abundance of information can be gathered from direct mailing, and though it does have poor response rate, it’s still a viable method that can turn a profit.

Once you get people to a return a card, or leave a mailing address when they come into your shop or pay a visit to your blog or webpage, you’ll be able to make a list and use that list for future email advertising and marketing campaigns. Also, if you give folks some kind of free offer to sign up, like a free dinner or free e-book, you might be astounded how many people will offer you their email info. One other effective technique is posting your advertisements in free online classifieds, but once again, if you are in network marketing, be sure to consult with your policies for any restrictions.

Understanding Network Marketing

Whichever method you pick for your network marketing advertising campaign, it truly is vital to grasp the entire idea of network marketing first. As always, do your homework, there are a lot of books on the subject. However, if I were you, I’d go to the authorities that have already done the research and understands the needs of a Network Marketer; it will save you so much time and money.